6310-QCL Quantum Cascade Controller, 1 Amp

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6310-QCL 6310-QCL Quantum Cascade Controller, 1 Amp 2-3 weeks £2779.00

Laser Driver: Laser Current

Measurement Accuracy:

0.025% + 0.3±[% reading + mA]


<2.5µA rms, low BW


0 - 1,000 or 0 - 500mA



Setpoint Accuracy:

0.025% + 0.3±[% set + mA]

Stability, 1 hour:

< 10ppm

Laser Driver: Photodiode Current


5 – 5,000µA




Laser Driver:

1 Amp / 500mA, 18 Volt

Temperature Controller:

5 Amp, 12 Volt, 60 Watt

Temperature Controller


±5A, ±12V, 60WA, V, W

Stability, 1 hour:


Stability, 24 hours:


Temperature controller: Temperature


-99 to 250°C


The 6310-QCL Quantum Cascade Controller is designed for quantum cascade lasers (QCLs), which operate at a much higher voltage than typical laser diodes, providing up to 18 voltage of compliance. Combine that with excellent low current performance, with both a 1 Amp and 500mA operating range, 1uA set point resolution and less than 2.5uA of noise, the 6310-QCL provides a transparent driver that won't interfere with the performance of your quantum cascade laser .

Dual Range

One of the valuable features of the controller is the dual range capability, which allows operation in either a 500mA range or 1000mA range. For applications that need less than 500mA, the lower range offers higher accuracy, lower noise, and improved stability, while still maintaining the 1000mA range for higher power devices.

Ground Loops Eliminated

The controller optically and electrically isolates it's isolated inputs and outputs, preventing device-damaging ground loops. No other driver on the market has this capability.

User Function Keys

The user function keys can be used to quickly select a different configuration state or execute a predefined set of commands. Switch between two different experiments or script repetitive actions…anything you can do manually with the instrument can be programmed to the function key.

Powerful 60 Watt Temperature Controller

In addition to the high performance diode driver, the 6310-QCL adds a 60 watt temperature controller, giving you substantial power for demanding applications. Only need a little bit of power? No problem, because the 6310 works just as well driving 2 watts of power as it does driving 50. Support for all standard sensors (thermistor, RTD, AD590, and LM335) is also included.

AutoTune Automatic PID Calculation

All Arroyo Instruments temperature controllers feature AutoTune for automatic PID calculation. With AutoTune, you no longer need to fiddle with PID parameters to find values that work with your application. Simply hook up your mount, set the appropriate limits, and start the AutoTune process. The instrument will automatically calculate PID parameters that will work with your mount.

Simple User Interface

The 6310-QCL’s user interface is remarkably simple… so easy to use, you’ll have it up and running in no time. Easy-to-read messages, simple menus, and powerful multi-line display make the instrument incredibly easy to use.


  • 18V Compliance for QCL devices
  • User selectable 500mA or 1A range
  • < 2.5uA noise
  • 60 Watts of TEC power
  • 0.002°C stability
  • AutoTune automatic PID
  • USB / RS-232 interfaces