5400-15-28 15A / 28V TECSource

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5400-15-28 5400-15-28 15A / 28V TECSource 2-3 weeks £3112.00


The new 5400-15-28 TECSource pushes temperature control power to new levels, with 420W available for your most demanding thermal applications.

The 5400 brings precision temperature control with a high contrast VFD display and standard computer interfaces in an economic design. It features ultra-stable performance and fully adjustable PID control, multiple sensor support, and an integrated fan power supply.

  • High Power, 420 Watts
  • AutoTune for automatic PID calculation
  • Fully adjustable PID settings plus 8 standard gain settings
  • Two selectable high precision temperature sensor inputs plus AD590
  • Four auxilliary temperature inputs for enhanced thermal monitoring
  • Digital I/O for triggering, monitoring, and linking to other instruments
  • Interlock
  • Bi-polar, linear output
  • Large, clear VFD display, easily viewable with laser goggles
  • Simultaneous display of temperature set point, actual temperature, current, and voltage
  • USB / RS-232 computer interfaces that are command set compatible with Newport and ILX temperature controllers.
  • 2U rack-mountable controller
  • 3.5" H x 12" W x 14" D

Interconnect Cables
Because each customer's application is different, cables are not included with the product. Choose from the 1264 TECSource Cable, which has 17W male/female connectors, or the 1265 TECSource Cable, which has a 17W2 male connector for the instrument and bare wires on the mount end to custom termination into your mount or connector. To make your own cables, you can also purchase a 17W2 connector kit, which has either male or female connectors sets.

Rack Mount Kit
For applications requiring rack mounts, the 1403-RM Rack Mount Kit allows you to quickly and easily rack the 5400 in 2U of rack space.


  • 420W of TEC power
  • 0.004°C stability
  • Up to 7 sensor inputs
  • AutoTune automatic PID
  • Bi-polar output: heat & cool
  • Thermistor, RTD, LM335, & AD590 sensors
  • 4-wire RTD mode