TEC Laser Mount

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207 TEC Laser Mount 2-3 weeks £623.00



The 205 Butterfly Laser Mounts offer solutions for 14-pin and 7-pin butterfly lasers. With zero-insertion-force (ZIF) sockets and fully configurable wiring, the Butterfly Laser Mounts are quick to integrate into your test setup.

The 207 Laser Mounts offer higher power solutions for the many medium-powered fibre pigtailed lasers (in the 5W to 10W range). With a user-configurable quick-disconnect electrical interface and broad standard device support, the 207 is an excellent choice.

DIL Laser Mounts are Mounts for 14-pin DIL and 8-pin mini-DIL lasers. Like the 200 Series, the 210 Series Laser Mounts feature zero-insertion-force (ZIF) sockets and fully configurable wiring.

TO-Can Laser mounts are small form-factor fixtures designed for low power TO-can and LED applications. While small (2" x 2"), the 224 and 226 are full featured, with integrated temperature control and easy device connections.

The 240 Series Laser Mounts are built around an efficient 4" cube heat sink on an included pedestal mount. The 242 C-Mount LaserMount is actively cooled.

The 260 Series Laser Mounts are designed for high power laser devices requiring passive or active temperature control. Common applications are high power fibre pigtailed lasers, but with the breadboard version of the 264, many different applications are supported. The 280 Series TEC Mounts are designed for high power temperature control for both laser and non-laser applications. With larger cooling plates and higher capacities, the 280 Series TEC Mounts offers excellent cooling performance with a large working area and the ability to manage up to 30 watts of heat (at 25°C). The mount can be easily wired into any controller via the quick disconnect fitting, or via the standard DB-15 connector.