Manufacturing, Integration, and Industrial

Leading manufacturers trust our solutions and services

If you’re building machines, you’ll want future-proofed products to meet the demands of tomorrow’s machines as well as today’s. Products, which deliver the cost downs that you need to meet your volume prices, are available from stock, meet stringent batch to batch repeatability requirements, and always deliver quality.

For over 25 years, we’ve been providing the optical technology behind many of the machines and instruments that use light. In the field of industrial materials processing, our products have been used to cut, weld, solder, anneal, sinter, and drill a wide range of materials. Our technology has also been incorporated into instruments that detect, measure, analyse, and date many different types of compounds in laboratory, factory, and field environments. 

We know how our products work inside and out and can apply them to your world. We can help you realise your design goals quickly and without fuss. 

Qualified to ISO9001:2015, we understand the regulatory background in which you operate, and can help you build products that conform to statutory legislation, and with the minimum expense.

We recognise that you need a supplier that holds stock, provides flexible supply agreements, helps you meet your delivery targets, and proactively reduces your costs. We realise that you need to have reliable, repeatable, and dependable quality to help you. At Laser 2000, we understand all of this and go out of our way to provide these services, and we believe that this is why we have been qualified as a key supplier by many of the leading manufacturers in the UK.

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