Life Science, Medical, and Healthcare

From science to life-saving new treatments

Enabling advances in proteomics and genomics through the use and development of optical, fluorescence, and super-resolution microscopy techniques is a key focus of our business.

Helping the research community to map the human genome and shed light on the building blocks of life itself is part of our DNA. Assisting scientists to navigate the twisting roads of developing organisms from single cells up to budding nervous systems and to understand the dynamic workings of the living brain is what drives our ingenuity & sparks our imagination.

From supplying critical components to projects that improve the longevity and quality of life through to advancing the knowledge of the cause, treatment, and cure of diseases, you’ll find our products at the heart of a wide range of life science and biotech applications.

But it doesn’t end there. The optical technology behind the research is also incorporated into instruments for research and screening. Helping medical and life science instrumentation manufacturers build equipment to diagnose, screen, and deliver care, quickly, effectively and at the point of need is also a critical part of our mission. 

Whether you’re a researcher looking for the most suitable light source, camera, filters, or sample manipulation for your microscope, or a manufacturer building optical instrumentation, we’re here to support you. 

You’ll be helped to choose the product that’s right for you with clear advice before your purchase and where possible to try products beforehand, if you wish to. , 

We work closely with the research community to help them explore, evaluate, and adopt products and technologies needed to access the latest microscopy techniques. 

We work closely with equipment providers to deliver fast access and support to the technologies demanded by their customers. 

We work closely with system builders to understand the aims of their programmes and their component and equipment needs. We understand the challenges and power that photonics brings, and we remove the mystique and make it accessible through our pragmatic approach. 

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