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Solutions for a healthy and stable network

Whether you’re designing, building, operating, or maintaining a digital network, Laser 2000 has the products and expertise to be able to help you access the latest technologies, the knowledge to advise you on your options, and the practical know-how to implement the solution that’s best for your unique requirements.

Ever increasing internet traffic is constantly driving the requirement for more bandwidth. Our products aid the development of next generation components and networks, such as 400G data rate transmission, smart networks, and quantum encryption techniques.

From WDM components to network switches and the optics within them, we provide both enterprise and carrier customers with the network elements needed to enhance and expand their capacity to cope with the increasing demand for bandwidth.

Our test and measurement range enables network operators and service providers to ensure that they meet and exceed their quality of service promises, enabling their customers to work remotely, access information, stream their favourite music and movies and stay in touch with their friends, family and colleagues, without loss of or degradation in connectivity. 

Our products can tap, switch and record all network traffic. Our network monitoring tools and provide complete visibility in to any network, application or security problem. This gives network managers the ability to determine the source of the problem quickly, greatly reducing the mean time to resolution.

We help engineers troubleshoot, maintain and expand the broadband network by providing access to cost effective components and smart field test equipment, and the training to use them. 

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