A leader in thin film coatings, opto-mechanics, manual and motorised positioning components, and optical components

OptoSigma Biography

Company Name: OptoSigma Europe
Products: Optics, photonics, motorised, systems, coatings, optomechanics, vibration isolation systems, and laser components
Headquarters: Les Ulis, France
Website: europe.optosigma.com

About OptoSigma Europe

OptoSigma's parent company was founded in 1977 in Japan, the company has nearly 40 years experience in manufacturing optical components, opto-mechanical components for scientific research and the photonics industry. OptoSigma's presence is strong in Asia and in the USA with 8 out of 10 researchers knowing about OptoSigma brand of SIGMAKOKI Group. OptoSigma Europe was established in early 2014 in the heart of Europe (France) to provide support to their European customers.

About the products

OptoSigma offers a wide range of high quality products:

  • Optics
  • Opto-mechanical components
  • Manual stages and actuators
  • Motorised motion control
  • Breadboards
  • Light devices and analysis
  • Systems and applications
  • Tools, accessories, and maintenance

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