Mellanox Technologies

End-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect solutions, services, and storage

Mellanox Technologies Biography

Company Name: Mellanox Technologies
Products: Network and multicore processors, network adapters, and switches
Headquarters: California, United States

About Mellanox Technologies

Mellanox Technologies (NASDAQ: MLNX) is a leading supplier of end-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet smart interconnect solutions and services for servers and storage. Mellanox interconnect solutions increase data center efficiency by providing the highest throughput and lowest latency, delivering data faster to applications and unlocking system performance capability. Mellanox products accelerate application runtime and maximise business results for a wide range of markets including high performance computing, enterprise data centers, Web 2.0, cloud, storage, and financial services.

About the products 

Mellanox provides complete end-to-end solutions (silicon, adapter cards, switch systems, cables and software) supporting InfiniBand and Ethernet networking technologies. 

Mellanox switches are powered by their own ASIC/Silicon chip, which means they don't need to rely on 3rd party silicon manufacturers. Did you know that the main differentiator between switch manufacturers is the ASIC?
Understand the fundatmental differences between Mellanox Spectrum and Broadcom Tomahawk-based switches and the importance of predictable performance and zero packet loss by reading the Performance Report by The Tolly Group.

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