Standard and customised laser safety solutions

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Company Name: laservision
Products: Laser safety eyewear, windows, and medical protection
Headquarters: F├╝rth, Germany

About laservision

laservision's core business is laser safety goggles based on coated or absorptive plastic or glass filters. As one of the leading manufacturers within the laser safety area laservision's main and essential mission is to protect human eyes from artificial optical radiation. “protecting people” – is the challenge laservision rises to with much know-how, new ideas, and passionate commitment. 

We are proud to be a certified laservision Premium Partner.

About the products 

First-class quality to rely on - this is what laservision vouches since 1987. Their well-established competence in technology and development “Made in Germany” ensures the quality leadership of their products. Only highest quality standards are valid for laservision products which are monitored with the latest measurement and testing technology. ISO certified processing ensure for reliability, precision, and persistence of laservision products at all times.

The product portfolio consists of

  • Laser safety eyewear
  • Laser safety windows
  • Large area laser protection
  • Medical laser protection


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