Vortran Lasers Challenge the Competition

Vortran impress with laser stability of <0.5% over 24 hours

Vortran impresses with laser stability of <0.5% over 24 hours


Laser diode modules are a well-established technology with a number of key players dominating the market, many of which in equal measure. With well refined techniques in driving, shaping, collimating and delivering light from laser diode modules it is perhaps all too easy to miss when a new technology comes along and raises the bar.

Amidst the myriad laser diode module manufacturers in the world, Vortran Laser have succeeded in bringing new technology and fresh performance to laser diodes. With their patented sealed cavity design Vortran are able to achieve stabilities of <0.5% over 24 hours and lifetimes far exceeding leading competitors. For this reason and for the other benefits of this technology institutions such as University College London, Imperial College London and Durham University have chosen to work with a Vortran laser system.