State of the Network 2018

IT workers reveal how they handle increasing bandwidth demand, evolving infrastructure, and the loss of visibility

For over 11 years VIAVI Solutions has conducted the global State of the Network Study.

The annual study examines critical trends and technologies that shape network management. It assesses the adoption and IT management challenges of emerging technologies, tracks key application and network issues, and projects organisation bandwidth demand.

The strength of the State of the Network is being able to view how technology adoption and management has changed over the past decade. Every aspect of the study is done in conjunction with outside professional IT analysts from drafting the questions, reviewing the raw data, and presenting the findings. The end result is reliable insight into what is truly changing the State of the Network.

This year's study focuses on emerging techonologies, cloud and hybrid IT adoption, top reasons for moving to cloud, ensuring visibility, cloud challenges, remote users, application performance monitoring challenges, bandwidth demand, unified communications, security issues, and research and methology. 

Find out how many hours per week network teams spend troubleshooting security issues and more:


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2018 State of the Network Study 2018 State of the Network Infographic