Overview of emerging Quantum Cascade Lasers applications

Find out the latest in Mid-IR Quantum Cascade Laser applications

Mid-infrared lasers are providing game-changing solutions to molecular spectroscopy, detection, and imaging in scientific research; the life sciences; defence and security; and process control. This blog details 15 emerging applications utilising tunable Quantum Cascade Lasers from DRS Daylight Solutions in the fields of Materials Science; Bio-Tissue Analysis; Biophysical characterisation and Stand-Off Detection. Click on the image below to download the full PDF.


We will cover the following topics

  • Introduction to the mid-infrared and Quantum Cascade Lasers

  • Highlights of 15 published white papers in the field of

    • Materials Science:- Nanoscopy & Nanostructures; Silicon Photonics; Metasurfaces

    • Bio Tissue Analysis – MIR Hyperspectral Imaging in cancer research; Histology & Label free imaging

    • Biophysical Characterisation:- Bioreactor monitoring & Protein Analytic

    • Defence & Security:- Stand-off detection and spectroscopy of trace chemicals