Laser Safety Barriers - Roll-up barrier setup [VIDEO]

An easy 7 step guide on how to setup laser safety roll-up barriers

Setting up laser safety roll-up barriers has never been easier. Thanks to laservision's innovative design you can now set up laser safety barriers with this easy 7 step guide. Just watch the 1 min video below and/or read the 7 step guide. 

7 steps guide: 

1 - Unpack the rollup and unroll it

2 - Unfold the telescopic stake

3 - Unlock the telescopic stopper and pull the rod out to about shoulder height

4 - Suspend the crossbeam, tension the fabric and lock the stopper

5 - Bring rollups into position (laser side shows towards laser)

6 - Check orientation of velcros

7 - Join the two rollups with the connector and put them in the desired position

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