How a Single Score can Identify and Resolve End-User Experience Issues

Empower network engineers to more simply investigate problems and resolve them more swiftly to everyone’s satisfaction.

Whether your ‘end user’ is a person or an application, when they experience issues it often results in network engineers having to piece together information from a variety of sources and metrics to try and work out what exactly the user experienced and who the owner of their problem really is. It feels like nine times out of ten it’s the network that unfairly gets the blame! Sound familiar?

What is doubly bad is that often a user experience problem can’t be identified – all the regular indicators are showing green but they still complain they’ve got an issue. Analysis by Forrester Research suggests that getting on for 35% of user complaints linger without resolution for a month or are NEVER actually resolved.

VIAVI Observer platform has been enhanced to empower network engineers to more simply investigate problems and resolve them more swiftly to everyone’s satisfaction – the user, the network team and the business itself. Observer works on quality over quantity – rather than a barrage of KPI’s that don’t provide the depth of analysis needed, it takes packet level wire data to perform high level analysis through patent pending technology that gives user experience in a single score.

The brilliance of the analysis is that for the network engineer it has a workflow to get them in three clicks from the user score to packet level data if required, while the network operations manager can manage by exception by targeting engineers where problems actually are rather than trying to discern them from a myriad of KPIs.

All you need is a single, colour-coded score providing in-depth domain breakout, a simple problem explanation, and performance visualisations.



You might be thinking that a single score is too crude a measure to quantify user interactions with critical network services and that you need the width and depth provided by the KPIs you currently have access to. If so, it’s a very understandable position to hold. What we offer with Observer’s single user experience score is that WE’VE taken all the data and generated the analysis for you.

Rather than you having to rely on KPI’s from a variety of vendor equipment which either doesn’t give you the critical information or drowns it out in a sea of noise from other less relevant KPI’s, Observer cuts through to correlate the critical information in a vendor agnostic way and present you with what you need to determine if the issue is network, application or something else.

With this method, the algorithms learn the behaviour of applications within a few packets adjusting the score to reflect their unique behaviours. KPIs are analysed and summarised into a single, easy to-understand score with three key components: 

Overall Score: How users experience the service 

Domain: Identification of the network, application, server, or client causing the problem

Reason: Simple explanation of the problem


Making the analysis so straightforward anomalies become clear and false positives disappear meaning that the noise that frequently masks problems is eliminated. IT teams can save hours of troubleshooting by “following the red scores” as they drill up, down, and laterally via site performance dashboards or three-clicks-to resolution workflows. Here’s an example:



As seen above, in this case the situation is critical (red) and the network is the source of the degraded service, the root cause being “Long data transfer times at slow speeds”. IT teams know exactly where to look and what’s needed to correct the issue.


What do all these technical details mean for IT teams? It’s about VIAVI Solutions serving as a trusted partner so you can confidently depend on the results presented and achieve exceptional IT customer service.

The VIAVI outcome-driven approach provides the right amount of information in an easy-to-understand format. Billions of network conversations, can be either rolled up in a couple of scores, or alternatively display the one questionable conversation—and if desired associated packets—with just a few mouse clicks.

All this is accomplished with wire data alone and no complex agent instrumentation. VIAVI End-User Experience Scores greatly expand the number of IT staff who can leverage the power of wire data, including staff less familiar with network conversation behaviour such as NOC operators and tier 1 support.

By streamlining the network management processes of IT staff involved in monitoring, triaging, and troubleshooting, teams can more effectively optimise and tune resources before conditions move from good to unacceptable or critical.


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