Test bidirectional IL & ORL with OTDR traces using a single device

FiberComplete: optimise workflow and qualify fibre in half the time

FiberComplete™ is the industry’s first all-in-one solution that tests bidirectional insertion loss (IL), optical return loss (ORL), and OTDR with automatic, one-button ease.

Double your test efficiency and certification-reporting speed with FiberComplete. Remove the guesswork, automate processes, and streamline workflow with FiberComplete, and make even novice technicians experts.


Key Benefits

  • One powerful unit equips field technicians with all the traditional fibre tests they need
  • Cuts testing time in half with fewer connections and disconnections, automatic continuity checks, and an intelligent fault finder
  • Minimises training with reliable measurements using a single connection  port that combines a fully automated process with easy-to-read results
  • Optimises workflow: Compiles test results into one complete view of the cable, automatically stores measurements, and generates report pdf file
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), 3yr standard warranty, only 1 module to calibrate/service



  • Bidirectional OTDR, IL, and ORL with one tester
  • One connection, one-touch automated measurements
  • Real-time continuity check and automatic product pairing
  • Full config/setup and data exchange between units 
  • Step-by-step wizard to reference initial IL/ORL tests
  • Smart Access Anywhere (SAA) remote control and field tech support
  • StrataSync enabled



  • All-in-one solution meets all the testing needs for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting fibre networks



The FiberComplete test function is available on the VIAVI T-BERD/MTS-2000/-4000 V2/-5800/-6000/-8000 platforms that focus life cycle service testing through installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. For decades, the T-BERD/MTS product line has built a solid, trusted worldwide reputation based on cutting-edge design and performance.


Carry Fewer Tools

FiberComplete integrates up to six instruments into one test module. It combines T-BERD/MTS platform features, such as visual fault location (VFL), talk set, broadband power meter, and a digital analysis microscope, with the modules IL, ORL and OTDR capability giving technicians the most integrated, versatile solution so they can perform any fiber network testing.

Improve Productivity and Cut Operating Expenses

  • P5000i Fiber Microscope:
    • Automated fiber inspection and analysis probe
    • Instantly captures and analyzes fiber end faces
    • Provides pass/fail criteria based on IEC61300-3-35 standards
  • A single connection port for all your tests:
    • Avoids multiple connection/disconnection of the patch cords
    • Avoids additional inspect, clean and connect cycles
    • Reduces manipulation errors and testing time
  • Automatic measurement process:
    • Enables one-button operation for bidirectional OTDR, IL and ORL, and distance measurements
    • Enables auto-configuration of acquisition parameters
    • Enables auto-storing results with auto-increment of the fibre number


Increase efficiency and minimise testing and troubleshooting time

  • Real-time continuity check and product pairing:
    • Confirms optical continuity for immediate testing
    • Troubleshoots fiber mismatches or broken links before testing
  • Combined loss test set (LTS) with FaultFinder to:
    • Locate faults without the need for an additional OTDR
    • Save time locating root causes for loss/ORL issues
    • Display easy-to-interpret results tables to quickly identify issues


Faster Setup and Enhanced Connectivity

  • Full test config/setup and data exchange between units:
    • Instrument settings and IL, ORL and OTDR test setups
    • Via a datalink fiber or via the Internet/cloud with Smart Access Anywhere (SAA)
    • Ensures matched test setups meaning fewer testing mistakes and retests
  • Flexible connectivity options
    • Internet cloud, Ethernet, WiFi/Bluetooth or mobile hotspot




Reduce Training Expenses

  • Single push-button operation
  • Step-by-step wizard guides technicians through the referencing process
  • Familiar test platform and user interface
  • Remote control and support via Smart Access Anywhere (SAA)



Control Workflows and Optimise Daily Jobs

  • Simple testing process:
    • Measurement sequences: bidirectional IL/ORL, OTDR, and distance
    • Tunes the test sequence for the required job
  • Cable or fiber results view:
    • Optimises the results display by job type
    • Indicates pass/fail
    • Cable view permanently tracks all the fiber and easily generates reports
  • Easily communicates between different locations:
    • Communicate at no cost and out of cell phone coverage with built-in optical talk set
    • Send predefined short messages/sms using the fiber under test


Automate Report Generation

  • Create instantaneous text reports during the test process
  • Generate PDF reports in the field:
    • Press one key to create integrated “Fast Report” IL, ORL, OTDR, and fiber connector reports on site
    • Eliminates the need for a PC/laptop
  • All test results available at both units



Advanced Connectivity, Management and Reporting Capabilities

The T-BERD/MTS platforms support enhanced connectivity via wireline, wireless and the cloud. Test workflow, reporting and asset management is made easier with StrataSync while SmartAccess Anywhere (SAA) enables remote control and data exchange. With an array of network interface options, such as Ethernet, WiFi, and 3G/4G smartphones, instruments can be remotely accessed or synchronised for almost anywhere.


SmartAccess Anywhere (SAA)

The SAA application instils confidence in field workforces as an expert is always available to support and coach them regardless of their location. With an array of flexible network interface options, such as Ethernet, WiFi, and 3G/4G smartphones, the T-BERD/MTS platform offers remote access and control from the field or desk. This capability gives the workforce direct onsite support to fix issues immediately without additional truck rolls. When used with FiberComplete SAA enables the exchange config/setup information between instruments, saving time and money by eliminating setup errors that could result in re-tests and site re-visits. Remote support is via PC/laptop, Apple and Android apps or machine to machine where the user interface of the remote unit is controlled by the local instrument.



StrataSync is a hosted, cloud based solution supporting the VIAVI range of cloud-enabled instruments providing centralized asset, inventory, configuration, software, software options, and test data/report management. StrataSync forms a key part of the instrument, field workforce and contractor ecosystem driving uniform method and procedures, enabling consistency of test while delivering the necessary actionable insights required to achieve operational efficiencies and reduced repeat service calls. For contractors this means with just a couple of mouse clicks test data which has been collected and automatically uploaded from an instrument to StrataSync can be verified and then instantly transferred to another customer or service provider account. The data is immediately accessible  in a familiar system and format for the customer/service provider reducing delays in issuing payment for work completed.


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