Networks - Voice and Data Testing

Test for quality, failure rates, dropped calls, echos, or noise

Voice and data testing is used to ensure good quality phone calls and improves response and download times during web browsing.

Quality of experience (QOE)

The need for voice and data testing arises from the need for quality of experience (QOE).

QOE is a measure of a user’s experience and overall satisfaction with a service, such as a phone call or web browser.

If the QOE is poor, then this can affect an enterprise’s profitability, sales, and the rate at which subscribers switch network provider (“churn rate”).

Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE)

VoLTE is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology that enables phone or video calls over 4G mobile internet as part of a customer’s data subscription. The technology is packet-switched from end-to-end which means that digital information is encoded into IP packets and optically connected to the call.

This technology contrasts with circuit-switched networks like public switched telephony networks (PSTN) that link calls entirely through electrical copper wires.

Data testing

Data testing focuses on response times when web browsing to ensure that end users get the best possible service with minimal latency and high bandwidth. Data testing is typically used to

  • calculate the time taken to load a webpage or upload a photo is a ‘data test’
  • simulate a large number of users accessing a system or service that an organisation provides

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