Networks - Lab and Field Testing

Improve, fix, and maintain networks

Optical network testing can take place in both the laboratory and on the field. Lab testing typically uses emerging technology to improve the speed, performance, and/or functionality of an optical network under development. Field testing typically uses established technology to fix or maintain live networks.

We differentiate between testers for lab's and testers for the field.

Lab testers 

‘Lab testers’ are network testing devices that typically incorporate an emerging technology and offer in-depth test functionality.

Field testers

‘Field testers’ typically have a small footprint that enables technicians to carry test devices into the field. As field testers are often developed as a result of lab testing, the technology is not only compact, but is also mature and established.


Lab testing

  • Dynamic skew testing
  • Regression testing

Field testing

  • RFC2544 testing

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