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A selection of research papers and white papers relating to Laser 2000 products.

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Laser Systems and Applications

Lasers in lifescience

Mid IR Technology

Quantum cascade lasers in chemical physics   |   Show Products

Detection of benzene and toluene gases using a mid-infrared continuous-wave external cavity quantum cascade laser at atmospheric pressure   |   Show Products

Real-time monitoring of benzene, toluene and p-xylene in a photoreaction chamber with a tunable mid-infrared laser and ultraviolet differential optical absorption spectroscopy   |   Show Products

Silicon waveguides and ring resonators at 5.5 µm   |   Show Products

Utilizing broad gain bandwidth in quantum cascade devices   |   Show Products

Tunable external cavity quantum cascade laser for the simultaneous determination of glucose and lactate in aqueous phase   |   Show Products

NO trace gas sensor based on quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy and external cavity quantum cascade laser   |   Show Products

Jet-cooled infrared spectra of molecules and complexes with a cw mode-hop-free external-cavity QCL and a distributed-feedback QCL   |   Show Products

Daylight Solutions pulsed laser measures ppbv of Freon-125 using QEPAS   |   Show Products

Performance characteristics of a continuous wave compact widely tunable external cavity interband cascade laser   |   Show Products

Application of External-Cavity Quantum Cascade Infrared Lasers to Nanosecond Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy of Condensed-Phase Samples Following Pulse Radiolysis   |   Show Products

Infrared Signature and Folding Dynamics of a Helical β-Peptide   |   Show Products

Enhancement of trace gas detection by integrating wavelength modulated spectra across multiple lines   |   Show Products

Development of a MEMS-Scale Photoacoustic Chemical Sensor Using a Quantum Cascade Laser   |   Show Products

Studying highly reactive organometallic complexes with fast time-resolved infrared spectroscopy using external cavity quantum cascade lasers   |   Show Products

Enhanced sensitivity for the detection of trace gases using multiple line integrated absorption spectroscopy (APPLIED OPTICS, 2009)   |   Show Products

Standoff photoacoustic spectroscopy (APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 2008)   |   Show Products

Standoff Spectroscopy of Surface Absorbed Chemicals (ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 2009)   |   Show Products

Mid-infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy of solids using an external-cavity quantum-cascade laser (OPTICS LETTERS, 2008)   |   Show Products

Absorption and wavelength modulation spectroscopy of NO2 using a tunable, external cavity continuous wave quantum cascade laser (APPLIED OPTICS, 2009)   |   Show Products

Direct and wavelength modulation spectroscopy using a cw external cavity quantum cascade laser (APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 2009)   |   Show Products

Rapid passage effects in nitrous oxide induced by a chirped external cavity quantum cascade laser (APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 2009)   |   Show Products

A mid-infrared QEPAS sensor device for TATP detection (JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, 2009)   |   Show Products

Distributed nerve gases sensor based on IR absorption in hollow optical fiber   |   Show Products

Recent Results from Broadly Tunable External Cavity Quantum Cascade Lasers   |   Show Products

Quantum cascade laser based replacement for FTIR microscopy   |   Show Products

Wavelength Tuning Characteristics of CW-Pulsed Laser   |   Show Products

A Brief Comparison of 2f and Broadly Swept Detection Techniques (DAYLIGHT SOLUTIONS, 2007)   |   Show Products

Swept Sensor™ - A Novel Portable Battery-operated Gas Sensing Solution(DAYLIGHT SOLUTIONS, 2009)   |   Show Products

Ultra-fast femtosecond laser technology

Two-photon fluorescence excitation spectroscopy by pulse shaping ultrabroad-bandwidth   |   Show Products

Ultrabroadband terahertz generation using 4-N,N-dimethylamino-4'-N'-methyl-stilbazolium tosylate single crystals   |   Show Products

Phase-stable Ti:sapphire oscillator quasi-synchronously pumped by a thin-disk laser   |   Show Products

Few-cycle OPCPA system at 143 kHz with more than 1 µJ of pulse energy   |   Show Products

Few-cycle oscillator pulse train with constant carrier-envelope-phase and 65 as jitter   |   Show Products

Phase-stable single-pass cryogenic amplifier for high repetition rate few-cycle laser pulses   |   Show Products

Few-cycle femtosecond field synthesizer   |   Show Products

Fourier-transform spectroscopy combined with a 5-fs broadband pulse for multispectral nonlinear microscopy   |   Show Products

Controlled waveforms on the single-cycle scale from a femtosecond oscillator   |   Show Products

5-fs, multi-mJ, CEP-locked parametric chirped-pulse amplifier pumped by a 450-nm source at 1 kHz   |   Show Products

Ultrafast Electron Pulses from a Tungsten Tip Triggered by Low-Power Femtosecond Laser Pulses   |   Show Products

Quasi-synchronous pumping of modelocked few-cycle Titanium Sapphire lasers   |   Show Products

Ultrabroadband Double-Chirped Mirror Pairs for Octave Spectrum Generation   |   Show Products

Towards Single-Cycle Laser Systems   |   Show Products

Generation of 5 fs pulses and octave-spanning spectra directly from a Ti:sapphire laser   |   Show Products

Materials processing

Microscopy & Imaging

Kingfisher Digital Scientific CCD Camera

Multi Fluorophore Imaging

Semrock VersaChrome Edge™ Tunable Filters

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