Optical spectroscopy is a technique for measuring relative spectral light intensity distributions in the UV-, VIS-, NIR- and IR-region. It is particularly useful for a wide range of applications such as colour measurement; determination of the concentration of chemical components; and electromagnetic radiation analysis.

Laser 2000 spectrometers are based on miniature, crossed Czerny-Turner optical cavities with a CCD detector. The optical cavity comprises an entrance slit, optical collimation, a dispersive grating, focusing optics and a CCD detector.

The spectrometers have a proprietary 3-D optical design, which provides excellent aberration compensation within a small footprint. This results in unmatched resolution for a spectrometer of this size.

Each spectrometer contains a powerful DSP that is capable of a variety of signal processing calculations. The spectrometer can be used as a stand-alone controller for demanding OEM applications.

The LabView and C++ software development kits have protocols to talk directly to the spectrometer DSP. Included with the spectrometers is a very powerful SPECSOFT windows based software for graphing and data logging etc. This stable software program ensures no freezing or lock up occurs while in operation.

The most impressive features of the SPM series are the compact size, the internal DSP chip, the USB 2.0 interface, extensive accessory range, and the fully featured SpecSoft software provided with every spectrometer.

When connecting the spectrometer to the USB port it draws power directly from the computer. An external power supply is only required in certain cases.

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