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The Laser 2000 range of test and measurement equipment contains solutions for the measurement of all of the main laser parameters. In addition to the standard products detailed here, Laser 2000 is also able to offer custom-engineered solutions for specific laser measurement and test applications. For more information or advice on the best solution for your application, please contact us.

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Latest News

New 2 - 16µm laser beam profiler

The new microbolometer FIR beam profiling camera from Dataray is now available. The microbolometer competes with pyroelectric technology as a solution for profiling infrared lasers. Compared to pyroelectric beam profilers, the Dataray FIR microbolometer beam profiler offers better sensitivity, which gives a good signal with lower power beams. It also provides better resolution, revealing smaller features within the beam.

New single photon counters and dual single photon counters

These new modules for photon counting come in both a standard version and a version optimised for life science applications. Ultra low noise, these near infrared single photon counting modules are ideal for the most demanding scientific and industrial applications. The dual photon counters contain two independent detectors, paired for similar dark count rate and quantum efficiency.

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