Viavi Network Monitoring Switch

Viavi Network Monitoring Switch

This network monitoring switch distributes traffic from TAPs and ports to any network performance or security tool, ensuring that each gets exactly the right data. This reduces the number of ports needed to support various tools, thus simplifying data centre management and reducing costs.

The network monitoring switch can also extend the life of existing tools. For example, it allows you to use a 1G tester on a new 10G network with low utilisation, easing the transition and saving on set-up costs. A simple mouse click in the user friendly, drag and-drop interface connects monitoring tools to their appropriate SPAN and TAP ports.

With the network monitoring switch, you can:

  • Eliminate unnecessary data before it reaches the monitoring tool, to improve performance and accuracy.
  • Speed up troubleshooting and reduce MTTR by instantly re-routing traffic based on suspicious activity and other network events.
  • Simultaneously distribute traffic to multiple monitoring tools, to fully utilize network bandwidth and increase efficiency.
  • Maximise data centre rack space and reduce energy costs with a greater port density and lower energy consumption

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