Femtosecond laser

Combining excellent beam quality and high average power levels, the new Chromacity Spark is a femtosecond laser source that generates exceptionally clear, high-resolution, two-photon fluorescence images. Utilising an Ethernet and web-based control interface, laser operation can be controlled from a variety of computer or hand held controllers. Small and compact, the Spark connects easily to many standard microscopes, and as the laser is largely insensitive to small amounts of back-reflected light, optical isolation isn't needed, further simplifying connection. If you're looking to upgrade your microscope to provide multi-photon capability, the Chromacity Spark is a cost effective and user friendly solution that will deliver high quality images.

Highlights of the Spark are:

  • Sub-200-fs pulses at 1030 nm
  • More than 500 mW of average power
  • 100 MHz repetition frequency
  • Lock-to-clock option
  • Linearly polarised free-space output
  • Polarisation preserving fibre delivery option
  • Exceptional stability

Stable and Reliable
Key to the high performance of the Spark is its unique laser cavity. Combining highly stable optical architecture with the reliability of telecoms grade optical components ensures that the Spark delivers excellent optical quality and output power stability across a wide range of environmental operating conditions, day in and day out.

Reliable Multi Photon Excitation
High performance is the hallmark of the Spark. Transform limited sub-200 femtosecond pulse widths are delivered with a repetition frequency of 100 MHz in free space or via an optional optical fibre at an average power of greater than 500 mW.

Excellent Beam Quality
With an M-squared beam quality of <1.1, the Spark easily exceeds the requirements of optical microscopy. High efficiency optical fibre coupling (~80%) ensures that a large proportion of the maximum free space beam power remains available for use when the polarisation preserving optical fibre delivery option is selected, making the task of connecting to a microscope simple without degrading performance.

Web-Based Laser Control
Operating the Spark could not be easier. The easy-to-use web portal gives you control over the operational state of the laser as well as feeding back important information. What's more, you can control several lasers from a single point.

Just some of the features supported:

  • Safety shutter and laser emission control over Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Door interlock error alerts
  • Control multiple lasers
  • Custom options available


Specifications: Spark
Application Notes Near Infrared Generation
Mid-Infrared Generation
Two Photon Fluorescence Microscopy
Second Harmonic Imaging
Product Type Femtosecond Lasers
Output Power, Average >500 MW (free Space), 0.2% RMS Variance (0.1 Hz – 1 MHz)
400 mW (fibre coupled)
Wavelength 1030 nm (1030–1050 nm, factory set)
Pulse Duration <200 FS (transform limited)
Repetition Frequency 100 MHz
140 Hz RMS (50 hours)
Monitor photodiode
(50–500 MHz, Lock to clock)
Beam Quality Free space, M2<1.1
Linearly polarised
Divergence, 2 mrad
Beam radius 1.7 mm
(FC/APC PM-fibre-coupled optional)
Control Interface Ethernet & web page
(Custom interface available)
Dimensions 330 x 230 x 94 mm (laser head)
483 x 285 x 86 mm (control unit)
Weight, Kg 7.5 kg (laser head)
2 kg (control unit)
Electrical Voltage 110–240 V AC
Frequency 50–60 Hz
Power 0.45 kW
Package Benchtop
Pricing: Contact Laser 2000
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