Spatial Light Modulators

Spatial Light Modulators

Spatial light modulators (SLMs) are electrically programmable devices. They modulate light according to a fixed spatial pattern. Spatial light modulators are useful in applications where pixel-by-pixel light control is needed for optimum system performance. SLMs control incident light in amplitude-only, phase-only or combined phase and amplitude.

These spatial light modulators from Meadowlark come in high speed phase or amplitude formats. They give high optical efficiency, optically flat reflection-mode operation, and come with complete, user-friendly software.

Both phase and amplitude modulation is achievable with one spatial light modulator. The nematic liquid crystal (normally used as a phase modulator) becomes an amplitude modulator through alteration of the optical set-up. Please contact us for details.

Amplitude modulation has applications in areas such as micro displays, calibrated scene projectors, programmable spectral engines, optical correlators, structured light imaging and programmable masks. Phase modulation has applications in adaptive imaging (zoom, focus, scan), laser beamsteering, microscopy, pulse shaping, optical tweezing, optical communications and wavefront control.

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