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Laser 2000 has a large range of optical components, optomechanics and mounts. Optical components range from simple lenses and mirrors to high power laser focusing lenses. Choose from a broad selection of optical bases, mirror mounts and lens holders.

High precision, robust manual stages and piezo stages from OptoSigma give accurate positioning of optical components and subsystems.

Please contact us if you need any assistance in finding or choosing the best product for your application.

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Latest News

New Multi-photon filters from Semrock

For NLO / Multiphoton users, Semrock has released a variety of new multiphoton products. Moving deeper into the NIR region is the FF01-890/SP-25 shortpass emission filter and the corresponding FF875-Di01-25x36 dichroic beamsplitter. The FF01-625/90-25 multiphoton bandpass emission filter for CARS, and the NFD01-1064-25x26 notch dichroic beamsplitter for both CARS and SRS are also available.

New Semrock mirrors available

New 1.1mm General Purpose Mirrors are designed to provide excellent (98% avg) reflectivity over a broad wavelength range on a thin (1.05mm) substrate. These mirrors were designed for microscope applications, to be installed in the lightpath at a 45 degree angle of incidence and are excellent for laser ablation, photobleaching applications and multimodal excitation light switching. In stock are the MGP01-350-700-25x36 for 350-700nm visible light applications, and MGP01-650-1300-25x36 for 650-1300 near-IR applications.

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