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Lasers News June 2015

  • Vortran Lasers Challenge the Competition
  • OptoSigma Value Products range
  • Raptor strikes with new vacuum-cooled CCD and SWIR cameras
  • Dataray beam profilers revitalise direct beam analysis

Fibre Optics News June 2015

  • Skylane Optics Transceivers - Compatible with all the Big Platforms
  • Network Instruments Security Webinar to download and 8th State of the Network Study
  • Why choose Splicers from Fitel
  • Bristol is open - a city development project

Semrock Filters Now in Stock

  • Our new Next-Day Delivery Service for most common Filters from Semrock

Broadly Tunable CW Mid-IR Lasers

  • Daylight Solutions, Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL)
  • Published Articles
  • Daylight's Laboratory Working Horse, ECqcL™

"How to Catch a Hacker" Webinar

  • Forensics investigators show, how to effectively work with security teams

Newsletter February 2015

  • OptoSigma opens European Office
  • Introducing fibre amplifiers and fibre laser transmitters, including EDFAs, YDFAs, Raman, SOAs and custom items

Fibre Optics News April 2014

  • Skylane compatible transceivers - Free programming for all platforms!
  • New JDSU FiberChekMOBILE Android App
  • Network Instruments - nTaps now supporting 40GE

Lasers News April 2014

  • Laser related news – Daylight Solutions mid-IR lasers in cutting edge applications, Laser frequency converters
  • Optics and Optomechanics – Motion control

Fibre Optics News March 2014

  • New JDSU dual 10G port MTS5800
  • Tegile take 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in the DCIG 2014 Hybrid Storage Array Buyer's Guide!
  • Skylane tunable SFP+

Lasers News February 2014

  • Laser related news - New Vortran Stradus wavelength.
  • Optics and Optomechanics - High Temp Optical Cable, New Zaber Motorised Motion Control products.
  • Lifescience - Using the Stradus as a drop in replacement in Microscope Systems.

Lasers News January 2014

  • Laser related news - Why is laser safety so Important?
  • Optics and Optomechanics - Preliminary tests for 10µm Isolator, high performance mirrors and micro-bonded optics
  • Lifescience - All your needs from light sources, motorised stages, microscopy filters and cameras.

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