News from Laser 2000

Fibre Optics News April 2014

  • Skylane compatible transceivers - Free programming for all platforms!
  • New JDSU FiberChekMOBILE Android App
  • Network Instruments - nTaps now supporting 40GE

Lasers News April 2014

  • Laser related news – Daylight Solutions mid-IR lasers in cutting edge applications, Laser frequency converters
  • Optics and Optomechanics – Motion control

Fibre Optics News March 2014

  • New JDSU dual 10G port MTS5800
  • Tegile take 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in the DCIG 2014 Hybrid Storage Array Buyer's Guide!
  • Skylane tunable SFP+

Lasers News February 2014

  • Laser related news - New Vortran Stradus wavelength.
  • Optics and Optomechanics - High Temp Optical Cable, New Zaber Motorised Motion Control products.
  • Lifescience - Using the Stradus as a drop in replacement in Microscope Systems.

Lasers News January 2014

  • Laser related news - Why is laser safety so Important?
  • Optics and Optomechanics - Preliminary tests for 10µm Isolator, high performance mirrors and micro-bonded optics
  • Lifescience - All your needs from light sources, motorised stages, microscopy filters and cameras.

Fibre Optics News January 2014

  • NI Gigastor — Rewind your network, resolve your IT problems faster
  • Maximise your SPAN/Tap ports — Extend the life of your 1G network tools.
  • Nimbus All-Flash Array: The industry-standard in multiprotocol all-flash storage

Lasers News November 2013

  • Semrock's 10 year warranty and new RazorEdge wavelengths
  • Our new 2000 nm Broadband white-light source
  • The new PEKA and MIRA light engine from Lumencor

Lasers News October 2013

  • Laser 2000 is relocating
  • Interest in the IR OWL camera soars
  • Have you thought of using a resonant MEMs Optical Scanner?

Lasers News September 2013

Photonex 2013:

  • Live Demonstrations
  • New Products

Lasers News August 2013

  • New random pattern laser enables rapid 3D machine vision, movement detection and volume measurement
  • The upgraded SOLA SM offers more power and lower energy consumption
  • Why the new VersaLase is ideal for optogenetics research

Lasers News July 2013

  • New supercontinuum laser enters the mid-IR
  • 266 nm lasers in UV Raman spectroscopy
  • Using µManager for fast, automatic multi-fluorophore imaging

Lasers News April 2013

  • Nanoplus interband cascade lasers from 3000 to 6000 nm
  • The new 561 nm laser diode module from Vortran - DPSS wavelength from a diode
  • New UV camera from Raptor Photonics

Lasers News February 2013

  • Future-proof the mirrors in your lab
  • Solving the problems of Mid IR optical Fibre
  • Now available from Laser 2000 - ALIO nano-precision robotics

Lasers News January 2013

  • What should you choose to profile your laser beam - a Camera or Scanning Slit System?
  • Affordable deep-cooled CCD and high sensitivity VIS-SWIR cameras
  • New low cost green/blue laser diode module is good alternative to DPSS

Lasers News November 2012

  • New MIRcat laser provides ~800 cm-1 (~6000 nm) of MidIR tunability
  • Whitepaper: How tunable lasers are revolutionising spectroscopy

Lasers News October 2012

  • How the new SOLA SM makes lamp based light sources obsolete
  • Active laser safety windows solve the high power laser protection problem

Lasers News September 2012

Photonex 2012:

  • New Safety Eyewear
  • New Optomechanics
  • Demonstration of Zaber Devices
  • Spatial Light Modulator in Action

Lasers News August 2012

EMC 2012:

  • Lumencor Light Sources for Microscopy
  • New EMCCD and Scientific CMOS Cameras
  • Hard-coated Fluorescence Filters
  • The New VersaLase System

Lasers News July 2012

  • New optics & optomechanics webpages go online
  • Laser 2000 increases laser safety range with LaserVision
  • How quickly can you image multiple fluorophores?

Fibre Optics News July 2012

  • Five Nines for Five Nines in July
  • Laser 2000 expands JDSU range with modulators & photonic power products
  • JDSU MAP modules: Source modules

Laser 2000 now distributes LaserVision laser safety products

This allows us to offer a more comprehensive range to help ensure your safety. These include CE certified laser safety eyewear (glasses and goggles), face shields, laser viewing sheets, windows and laser safety barrier systems (curtains and boards).

Lasers News June 2012

  • Laser 2000 (UK) turns 20!
  • Ion-beam sputtering creates effective femtosecond laser mirrors - whitepaper
  • Radiant Dyes optomechanics are now available from Laser 2000

Laser 2000 now supplies Radiant Dyes Optomechanics

These high quality and stable optomechanical components add to and complement the existing range of optomechanics available from Laser 2000. These precise components have extremely fine adjustment, and a wide range of front plates and various mirror mounts (from closed up to 4") are available. The standard pitch of the fine thread screws is 0.25 mm/turn (100 TPI). 0.15 mm/turn (170 TPI) items are also offered. Please contact us for further details.

Lasers News May 2012

  • Order your SOLA before the 30th June and save over £1000
  • Specifications now available for the new generation Mid IR Laser from Daylight Solutions
  • Multiple fluorophores: What to do when a filter set combination doesn't work.

Fibre Optics News May 2012

  • Two-part webinar from JDSU looks at OTDR traces
  • Short guide to JDSU Multiple Application Platform Switch modules
  • New high-temperature devices perform at up to 200°C

Lasers News March 2012

  • Reduced prices on two great product ranges
  • Improved linewidth and stability are highlights of new MHF laser
  • Laser 2000 now supplies EMCCD and scientific CMOS cameras

Laser 2000 joins RMS

Laser 2000 (UK) Ltd is now a Corporate Member of the Royal Microscopical Society

Laser 2000 now supplies Raptor Photonics cameras

Raptor Photonics EMCCD and scientific CMOS digital cameras give outstanding performance in low light applications such as fluorescence imaging, astronomy, electrophoresis, X-ray and hyperspectral imaging.

New Brochure - Lab and Manufacturing Test

Optical communications test solutions for the full range of lab and manufacturing applications.


New Brochure - Field Network Testing

A complete range of modular and individual test equipment for physical and service layer testing.


Lasers News February 2012

  • New motorised stages and positioners website section now online
  • Probing hydrocarbon stretches: New turn-key laser at 3.25µm
  • Innovative new ultra-fast focusing lens seeks problems to solve

Fibre Optics News February 2012

  • New Airebeam G80 - 80GHz Ethernet bridge solution
  • Four lane 100G BERT system bundle deal saves £112,090
  • Is it clean? Inspecting fibre to the IEC standard.

Lasers News January 2012

  • Why methane gas sensing in the Mid IR is more sensitive
  • Highly stable laser locking demonstrated with a hammer
  • Multimodal NLO imaging probes biological processes and structures at the molecular level

Lasers News November 2011

  • MaxMirror sale - limited stock available
  • Using FRED optical design software for biomedical applications
  • How to choose a measurement instrument for your laser

New Multi-photon filters from Semrock

For NLO / Multiphoton users, Semrock has released a variety of new multiphoton products.  Moving deeper into the NIR region is the FF01-890/SP-25 shortpass emission filter and the corresponding FF875-Di01-25x36 dichroic beamsplitter.  The FF01-625/90-25 multiphoton bandpass emission filter for CARS, and the NFD01-1064-25x26 notch dichroic beamsplitter for both CARS and SRS are also available.

New Semrock mirrors available

New 1.1mm General Purpose Mirrors are designed to provide excellent (98% avg) reflectivity over a broad wavelength range on a thin (1.05mm) substrate. These mirrors were designed for microscope applications, to be installed in the lightpath at a 45 degree angle of incidence and are excellent for laser ablation, photobleaching applications and multimodal excitation light switching. In stock are the MGP01-350-700-25x36 for 350-700nm visible light applications, and MGP01-650-1300-25x36 for 650-1300 near-IR applications.

Fibre Optics News November 2011

  • Laser 2000 develops industrial temperature 10GBps CWDM solution over Multimode fibre
  • 10G DWDM SFP+ transceiver optics now available
  • Cleaning fibre connectors to IEC61300-3-35 Ed. 1.0 standard - a review of cleaning options

Lasers News October 2011

  • New tunable Mid-IR laser bridges a gap between performance and cost
  • How Laser 2000 can help with optogenetics research
  • PhD and Masters students get FRED software free

New Brochure - Light Sources for Microscopy

Our latest brochure outlines all of the recent additions to our range of light sources for use in fluorescence microscopy.


Lasers News September 2011

  • Dataray's new FIR microbolometer beam profiling camera
  • Increasing the sensitivity of fluorescence microscopes cost-effectively
  • New website sections launched: Laser Accessories and Laser Test & Measurement

Zaber launch closed loop stages and increase range of vacuum compatible devices

Closed-loop stages with built-in stepper motors, encoders and controllers are now available. This is currently Zaber's fastest stage at 1 meter/second. The stages feature encoder position feedback with slip/stall detection and automatic recovery. Zaber has also recently added several new high and low vacuum compatible devices (T-LSM-SV2, T-NA-SV2, T-NA-SV1) to the existing line of vacuum compatible devices (TSB-V, T-MM-V, *T-LA-SV).

Fibre Optics News August 2011

  • Cleaning fibre connectors to the IEC61300-3-35 Ed. 1.0 standard
  • The new JDSU MTS2000 is easier to handle
  • A short video from Centellax: Dangers of missing a design flaw

Lasers News July 2011

  • The new Laser 2000 website goes online
  • Summer offer on our OptoSigma range of optics & optomechanics
  • Laser review - the LCM-S-111 series for Raman Spectroscopy & other applications

Laser 2000 UK launches new website

The first section to be completed, lasers, has now gone live along with the new homepage layout. The aim of the redesign is to create a website that is easier to navigate, search and update, with more space for news, downloads and other information.

Lasers News June 2011

  • Reducing the downtime and expense of microscope system laser replacement
  • The diode lasers challenging fibre in materials processing
  • Interesting uses for near and mid IR DFB Laser Diodes

Lasers News May 2011

  • Capabilities of new programmable picosecond laser are demonstrated in CARS research paper
  • Why the new SOLA white light source will actually cost you less than arc lamps and metal halide lamps
  • Book yours now - Agilent MLC400 Laser Engine demonstrations

Fibre Optics News May 2011

  • General Photonics catalogue and applications notes 2011/12
  • Introducing Centellax test equipment
  • JDSU launch a new product - Live Fibre Identifier with Optical Power Meter

Laser 2000 now supplies Vortran Stradus lasers.

These laser diodes provide the ultimate in performance, control and reliability, with the latest wavelengths and powers. Through Vortran, we are also able to offer an integrated laser replacement service for fluorescence microscope systems.

Laser 2000 celebrates 25 years at Laser World of Photonics show in Munich

Laser 2000 first started in Germany in 1986, making 2011 the 25th year of the Laser 2000 group. To celebrate, a party was held on the stand at Laser Munich this year, with live music and a buffet. If you happened to be there, we hope you had a good time!

New 2011/2012 General Photonics Catalogue

The latest catalogue from General Photonics lists all their new and current products complete with specifications, technical drawings and more.

Laser 2000 now supplies Centellax test & measurement equipment.

These are affordable high-performance test instruments, test accessories, and components for electrical and optical path signal integrity testing.

Lasers News March 2011

  • Solving the problem of focussing high power fibre lasers
  • Lumencor LED light engines offer advantages over traditional light sources.
  • 10 Applications for a Spatial Light Modulator

Lasers News February 2011

  • Daylight Solutions launches a high power mid-IR QCL
  • New, disruptive technology - Fully programmable lasers from Genia Photonics

Fibre Optics News February 2011

  • The AirBeam G60 outdoor wireless solution offers full Duplex GigE, without a licence
  • The New Distributed Polarization Crosstalk Analyser from General Photonics

Lasers News January 2011

  • Introducing the Agilent Monolithic Laser Combiner
  • Improved technology for the Mid IR
  • New Product from LIMO

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