Mid-IR Focusing Objectives

Mid-IR Focusing Objectives

These microscope objectives are for use without a cover glass. Biological microscope objective lenses are normally designed for use with a thin glass cover slide placed on top of the sample being examined. Biological and medical microscope objectives specifically correct this and are therefore not suitable for other uses.

Our Mid-IR focusing objectives are designed to provide maximum coupling efficiency in coupling the output from a Mid-IR source into fibre. These precision achromatic objectives are anti-reflection coated and cover a range of numerical apertures. They are housed in conventional microscope barrels and are fitted with a standard RMS microscope thread.

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Product Code
Info Data-
Wavelength Range
Focal Length, F
Aperture Size
Numerical Aperture
Working Distance
LFO-5-6 Show Details Mid-IR Focusing Objective, please specify wavelength (2 - 12µm) when ordering 2–12 µm 6 mm 5 mm 0.25  5.3 mm