Mid-IR Polarisers

Mid-IR Polarisers

Mid-IR polarisers have similar performance to Glan laser, but are water band absorption free. These polarisers withstand higher powers and allow you to detect in the water band range.

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Product Code
Info Data-
Tuning Wavelength Range
Aperture Size
Extinction Of Crossed Pair
Extinction Ratio
Field Of View
Maximum Power Level CW
Transmittance Of P-polarization
PGC-5 Show Details Wideband Mid IR Polariser, 2 - 12 µm 2–12 µm 5 mm 2x10-5 100MW/cm2 ≥ 98%
PMT-5 Show Details Mid IR Polariser, water-band absorption free, 2.5 - 4 µm 2.5–4 µm 5 mm 5 x 10-5 ±1° 10W ≥94%