Mid-IR Isolators

Mid-IR Isolators

Mid-IR Isolators are for use with quantum cascade lasers and other sources, operating at specific wavelengths from 4 µm to beyond 14 µm.

IR isolators are difficult to produce. The critical component in any isolator is the magneto-optic material that performs the rotation of the plane of polarisation in the magnetic field. Whereas in the VIS and NIR there are many candidate magneto-optic materials, in the infrared the choices are greatly reduced.

These Mid-IR Isolators utilise a very small family of highly specialised materials that demonstrate low absorption and acceptable Verdet Constant at the wavelength of operation. The other critical component is the polariser, and again, there are few choices in the infrared. Mid-IR polarisers are also available from Laser 2000.

This range of Mid-IR Isolators is still evolving. Please contact Laser 2000 to discuss your specific needs, we will be happy to help.

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Mid-IR Isolators

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