Mid-IR absorptions have more identifiable, stronger spectral features than other regions. New technologies have made it more practical to work in the Mid-IR. This increases the potential for applications.

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MIRcat™ Ultra-Broadly Tunable Mid-IR Laser

Uniquely configurable for either pulsed or continuous wave (CW) operation, MIRcat offers a tuning range of up to ∼800 cm-1 (∼6000 nm) – one of the broadest tuning ranges of any QCL-based laser source available commercially.

A true one-box, fully automated system, MIRcat incorporates up to four tunable modules in a sealed head with integrated controller. The modules are selectable at time of order and can be added or changed later on.

Producing a single high quality, highly collimated output beam, MIRcat avoids the need for time-consuming beam re-alignment when tuning. Read more about the MIRcat.

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