Amplified MCT Detector

The Amplified MCT Detector is a fully-integrated receiver with embedded detector, low-noise amplifier, and temperature controller all in one compact package.

The AC-coupled configuration makes this ideal for use with pulsed lasers. You can get 245 °K performance without external cooling.

  • 2 Stage TEC Cooled Detector to 245 °K
  • Room Temperature Operation
  • Wide Field of View, 78°
  • Photoconductive Configuration

Amplified MCT Detector

Specifications: Amplified MCT Detector
Detector Material HgCdTe
Spectral Response 4–12 µm
D* >2.5 E+9 cm Hz½/W
Active Detector Area 1 mm X 1 mm
Fast Response <3 ns rise time
RF Output SMA connector
Responsivity >2,500 V/W
Power Supplies +15 VDC, +5 VDC
Power Consumption < 3 Watts
Dimensions 76 x 44.5 x 48 mm
Pricing: Contact Laser 2000
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