Mid-IR Focusing Objective, please specify wavelength (2 - 12µm) when ordering

  • NA match to fibre NA
  • Focal Spot smaller than fibre core diameter
  • ZnSe Lens AR coated at designated wavelengths
  • Lens Design: micro aspheric, diffraction limited
  • Easy Alignment using HeNe or other visible laser
  • Long Working Distance where possible
  • Easy to mount: industry standard RMS thread.


Specifications: LFO-5-6
Product Type Mid IR Objective
Focal Length, F 6 mm
Aperture Size 5 mm
Numerical Aperture 0.25 
Wavelength Max 12 µm
Wavelength Min 2 µm
Working Distance 5.3 mm
Pricing: Contact Laser 2000
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