Laser 2000 supplies a huge range of lasers & laser based systems. The following laser listings are an indication of what is available, but are not exhaustive lists. If you can't find the laser you need or are unsure of what would best suit your application, please get in touch - we are happy to help. We also provide many custom solutions.

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Diode lasers take on fibre

LIMO has launched high brightness, fibre-coupled KW-diode lasers to challenge fibre lasers in cutting applications. As an alternative to fibre lasers, the diode lasers give a better cut quality for thick stainless steel and aluminium sheets, where the thickness is greater than 3mm. For these metals, the cutting edge looks much smoother.

With better wall-plug efficiency (5% better than fibre lasers), the high power diode laser is not only a 'greener' laser, but one with lower operating costs.

Nanoplus innovative laser diodes have many uses

Nanoplus NIR and Mid IR DFB lasers are high-performance laser diodes available with unusual wavelengths. These lasers are already operating reliably in more than 5000 installations worldwide. These include power plants and gas pipelines as well as airborne and satellite applications in sensing and metrology.

See the full range of Nanoplus NIR and Mid IR DFB laser diodes.

New, disruptive technology - Fully programmable lasers from Genia Photonics

Entirely computer controlled, the laser parameters can be dynamically adjusted within microseconds, while the laser is in operation. All parameters are configurable - wavelength, wavelength sweep, picosecond pulse width, and power. The range currently includes a programmable laser, a MOPA and a synchronised laser (containing the programmable laser and MOPA).

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