Laser Safety

Laser safety eye protection from Laser 2000 is available with a wide range of filters. All safety spectacles and goggles are CE certified and conform to EN207 safety ratings.

Please use our 'Quick Quote' feature to request a quotation if you know your required safety rating and we will provide a quote for eyewear with suitable filters.

If you do not know the EN207 safety rating needed for your laser eyewear, Laser 2000 has an online form for you to complete. We run your laser parameters through our laser safety hazard assessment software and provide you with an assessment of the necessary protection level needed, plus a quotation for the suitable filters.

The laser safety glasses come in a range of frame styles for you to choose from. High power lasers will usually require the glass lensed frames. Guides to the frame styles outline the main differences to help you choose the frame that best suits your working environment or personal preferences.

For medical applications, we offer patient protection in the form of both disposable and re-useable eye shields and eyewear. IPL safety eyewear is also available.

Laser safety windows are large filters that act as shields. Custom filters are available.

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