Laser 2000 provides a wide range of transceivers for data transmission in metro & long haul communications, storage area networking (SAN), and other fiber optic transmission systems such as enterprise networks and CCTV. These come in a wide range of formats such as SFP, XFP, 1X9, 2X5 SFF.

Data rates from 155Mb/s to 11Gb/s are covered at wavelengths including 1310nm, 1550nm, CWDM and DWDM, for reaches from 2km over multimode fibre to 200km over singlemode fibre.

High reliability FP & DFB lasers and PIN & APD detectors are incorporated into MSA compliant industry standard packages, provided complete with laser drive electronics and optional digital diagnostics.

Transceivers are tested to the stringent requirements of Telcordia GR-468 and many are RoHS compliant (see individual data sheet for specific listing).

All Laser 2000 transceivers are compatible with many standard internationally recognised transmission protocols.

Most of the Laser 2000 transceiver product range is detailed on this website. If you cannot find the transceiver that you require, please contact .

125 Mb/s
155 Mb/s
622 Mb/s
155 & 622 Mb/s
1062-1250 Mb/s
2488 Mb/s
100-2700 Mb/s
1062-4250 Mb/s
4250 Mb/s
Tri-Rate (GBE,FC & 2xFC)
SFP, Single FiberSFP, Single Fiber:
125 Mb/s
1062-1250 Mb/s

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