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Laser Catalogue, Vol. 6
(released 2013), 180 sides


    (23.5 MB)

Laser diodes
Laser diode modules
Tunable laser diode systems
External cavity quantum cascade lasers
Deep UV lasers
DPSS lasers
Fibre lasers
Fibre power amplifiers
Ultrafast lasers
Multi laser systems
Laser safety eyewear, windows and barriers
Laser diode drivers, power supplies and TEC controllers
(see also Precision Drive Instrumentation for Lasers and LEDs, Vol.1)
Laser diode mounts
Detectors and beamviewers
(see also Advanced Products for Optical Microscopy & Imaging, Vol. 8)
Other laser accessories
Test & measurement equipment

Get Ahead in Mid-IR Research
(released 2010), 4 sides


    (2.94 MB)

Tunable, compact lasers for multi-species detection
Ready to use detectors
Plus - Focusing objectives, beam profilers, water-band free and wide-band polarisers

Precision Drive Instrumentation for Lasers and LEDs, Vol. 1
(released 2010), 16 sides


    (2.82 MB)

Laser diode drivers
Laser diode mounts
Laser diode accessories

Advanced Products for Optical Microscopy & Imaging, Vol. 8
(released 2014), 128 sides


Fluorescence filters for wideband and laser excitation
Filters for Raman and laser applications
LED and lamp based Light sources
Laser light sources
Laser safety
Spatial light modulators
Photon counting instrumentation
Microscope positioning & focusing stages

OptoSigma Catalogue
(released 2017), 1061 sides

ActuatorsApplication Systems (16.3 MB)
ActuatorsOptics - Optics & Optical Coatings Guide (1.7 MB)
ActuatorsOptics - Mirrors (4.7 MB)
ActuatorsOptics - Beamsplitters (4.1 MB)
ActuatorsOptics - Polarizers (4.6 MB)
ActuatorsOptics - Lenses (4.8 MB)
ActuatorsOptics - Multi-Element-Optics (5.7 MB)
ActuatorsOptics - Filters (6.5 MB)
ActuatorsOptics - Prisms (4 MB)
ActuatorsOptics - Substrates & Windows (3.8 MB)
ActuatorsOptics - Optical Data & Maintenance (2.9 MB)
ActuatorsOptomechanics (16.9 MB)
ActuatorsBases (11.4 MB)
ActuatorsManual Stages (25.9 MB)
ActuatorsActuators & Adjusters (4.5 MB)
ActuatorsMotorized Stages (23.9 MB)
ActuatorsLight Sources (6.4 MB)

Zaber 2017 Catalogue
(released 2017), 159 sides

Linear actuators
Motorised translation stages - linear
Motorised translation stages - rotary
Multi-axis systems
Controllers & joysticks

LaserPoint Catalogue
(released 2015), 132 sides

Optical Power And Energy Meters

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