Nimbus All-Flash Array

8x less rack space than
15K spinning disc arrays

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Nimbus All-Flash Array:
The industry-standard in multiprotocol all-flash storage

Solid state all-flash storage, the next step in data storage from traditional spinning discs. Nimbus flash drives have an op ex cost around 80% less to run than the traditional spinning disc technology. Therefore, upgrading to flash memory could actually pay for itself! In addition to this, they have no moving parts so the wear and tear is minimal, thus enabling us to offer up to a 10 year warranty.

  • Performs over 2 million IOps
  • 80% lower operating cost than traditional spinning disc technology
  • 1 PB per 42U rack: 8x less rack space than 15K spinning disc arrays.
  • Up to 10 year warranty available

DCIG 2014 Flash Memory Storage Array Buyer's Guide

Nimbus Data All-Flash Storage Ranked #1 Best-in-Class by DCIG

No one should be buying HDD-based storage arrays anymore for virtualisation and databases. All-Flash Arrays (AFA's) are the future of storage. DCIG took on the challenge of diligently evaluating 39 different all-flash arrays in their 2014-2015 Flash Memory Array Buyer's Guide. Nimbus Data's Gemini F600 system won it all, with the Gemini F400 winning second place. Nimbus Data beat out EMC XtremIO, Pure Storage, HP 3PAR -- all other vendors in fact.

Download the buyer's guide here to learn more about Nimbus Data's market-leading all-flash arrays.

Why All-Flash?

All-star Performance. Green Efficiency. Superior Reliability.

Over the past decade, while the rest of IT infrastructure has improved exponentially in performance, storage has been virtually stagnant, increasing in capacity but not in performance. The table below shows how CPU, DRAM, network, and bus performance have outpaced storage by 16 to 400 times. To have kept pace, hard drives would need to spin at 6 million rpm today. Instead, storage is now the prime bottleneck in datacentres.

2000 2005 2010 Today
CPU 1 x
Pentium 4 1.5 GHz
5 x
Pentium D 2.6 GHz
15 x
Quad 2.6 GHz
30 x
Octal 3.0 GHz
DRAM 1 x
DDR1 PC-2100
4 x
DDR2 PC2-4200
8 x
DDR3 PC3-8500
16 x
DDR3 PC3-17000
Network 1 x
100Mb Ethernet
10 x
Gigabit Ethernet
100 x
10 Gigabit Ethernet
400 x
40 GbE
Bus 1 x
PCI 32-bit/33 MHz
15 x
PCIe Gen1 x8
30 x
PCIe Gen2 x8
60 x
PCIe Gen3 x8
Disk 1 x
15K rpm hard drive
1 x
15K rpm hard drive
1 x
15K rpm hard drive
100 x

Performance That's Second to None

Patent-pending Merchant Silicon Architecture

Nimbus Data's Gemini is the fastest available MLC-based all-flash system, delivering the industry's highest IOps (4 KB block size), highest throughput (256 KB block size), and lowest latency (< 0.05 ms). Nimbus Data won IT Brand Pulse's non-sponsored "Performance Leader" award in all-flash systems every year since it was introduced. In fact, Demartek, an industry-leading provider of storage test services, uses Nimbus Data flash memory systems as the benchmark against which all other products are judged.

Up to 1-2 M IOps
writes & reads
Up to 12 GBps
< 50 µsec

Industry's Best Efficiency

Enabling 80%+ reduction in OpEx vs. disk-based arrays

An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report notes that storage devices had the highest power consumption growth rate (191%) and the highest overall power consumption at 32% of the total datacentre equipment power consumption. According to Gartner, storage consumes 37% of datacentre energy. Moving to all-flash storage is essential to cutting datacentre OpEx.

Up to 24 TB
per standard rack U
Up to 385 TB
1 PB / rack
(8 PB w/deduplication)

Gemini All-Flash Arrays

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Gemini All-Flash ArraysGemini All-Flash Array
Gemini All-Flash Array

Gemini All-Flash Arrays

The Gold Standard in All-Flash Storage Systems

The Gemini F400 and F600 all-flash arrays break new ground as the first arrays to utilise 1x nanometre MLC flash, directly challenging hybrid HDD/SSD arrays on cost-per-gigabyte for server virtualisation and VDI while delivering the superior reliability, consistent performance, and lower operating costs of all-flash storage. The Gemini F400 and F600 also set new performance records, deliver 2-5x greater IOps and lower latency than competing offerings, extending Nimbus Data's market leadership in low-latency applications like databases, analytics, and OLTP.

The Foundation for Business Critical Applications
Server and desktop virtualisation, databases, big data analytics, cloud computing, and next-generation technical applications demand high-performance, ultra-efficient data access that only all-flash technology can provide. Unlike hybrid or tiered systems, Nimbus Data's Gemini all-flash arrays deliver consistent low-latency, superior reliability, unmatched throughput, and dramatically lower data centre costs. With the patent-pending Parallel Memory Architecture and Distributed Cache Architecture, Gemini arrays outperform commodity server-based storage systems by up to 5x in IOps, 40x in latency, 6x in bandwidth, and 10x in rack density.

Comprehensive Software and Exceptional Support
Powered by the proven HALO operating system, Gemini all-flash arrays support SAN, NAS, and DAS deployments utilising Fibre Channel, Ethernet, and Infiniband connectivity. Features include deduplication, snapshots, thin-provisioning, and the industry's best available warranty. With complete high-availability and exceptional worldwide support, Gemini arrays support mission-critical applications across all markets, including high-technology, Internet infrastructure, financial services, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and government.

Video - Gemini All-Flash Array Introduction
Gemini All-Flash Array Introduction

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