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Laser 2000 supplies light sources and filters for use in life science applications. The quality of your light and filters has a large effect on the quality of your results. All of the products in the Laser 2000 light source range combine the best possible outputs with ease of use. In addition, high performance Semrock filters are available for almost every fluorophore. As new filters are regularly released, please get in touch if you cannot find the ideal filter in our listings.

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Latest News

Light Sources for Microscopy

A new brochure, which provides an overview of our latest light source solutions for microscopy, is now available for download.

SOLA: New white light source

The new SOLA light engine is a direct replacement for metal halide, HBO and Xenon arc lamps. The SOLA light engine offers unprecedented access to solid state illumination at a price comparable to most lamps, and is suitable for use with a host of life science equipment, including fluorescence microscopes.

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