The TMA Grandmaster speeds up TMA block creation to turn months of work into days.

The TMA Grandmaster is a fully automated, computer controlled, tissue microarray (TMA) block-creating machine.

The TMA Grandmaster provides high throughput TMA block creation for research & clinical pathology. The 72 block capacity allows the use of up to 12 recipient blocks and up to 60 donor blocks at the same time. For smooth workflow, you can continually load blocks into the TMA Grandmaster as it runs. The ability to place several hundred samples into one paraffin block provides large economies in time, quality, and cost of tissue preparation, staining, and slide preparation.

Workflow with the TMA Grandmaster:

Insert Virgin Recipient Paraffin Blocks & Donor Blocks.

The TMA Grandmaster has a 72 block capacity, which handles up to 12 recipient blocks and up to 60 donor blocks at the same time. However, continuous loading allows an unlimited number of donor blocks to be processed.

Insert Virgin Recipient Paraffin Blocks & Donor Blocks.Also available is the smaller TMA Master, for high quality, accurate TMA creation in lower throughput labs. This model holds up to 5 paraffin blocks arranged in any combination of recipient and donor blocks.

Design Recipient Blocks.

The TMA Grandmaster software lets you create new layouts, modify existing layouts, or save and load frequently used designs. You can specify custom grids for the recipient blocks.

Scan An H&E Section From Each Donor Block. Optional Step: Scan An H&E Section From Each Donor Block.

Use a digital slide scanner to scan a sample slide from the donor block. The software then enables you to overlay the scanned slide image with the block image. This helps you to identify the areas to sample more accurately.

Select & Place Specimen Cores. Select & Place Specimen Cores.

The TMA Grandmaster application shows the macroscopic image of the donor block and the corresponding digital slide (where applicable). Simply click the donor block image to place a marker. In the recipient layout, click the position that you want to fill with the core sample. If you do not want to specify the recipient position, the program inserts each core into the next available hole and proceeds from left-to-right, top-to-bottom order in the grid. Once you confirm your selections, the TMA Grandmaster drills, punches, inserts and records the cores.

Export The TMA Data. Export The TMA Data. Export The TMA Data.

The TMA Grandmaster application exports the block record as an excel file containing 3 worksheets. The first worksheet is a lookup linking the block ID, TMA sample ID, and the labelled donor block image file.

The second sheet shows the core ID position in the recipient block, while the third contains the donor block IDs according to their position in the recipient block. Using these spreadsheets, you can easily identify the donor and core location of each sample in each TMA block.

TMA Grandmaster
Specifications: TMA Grandmaster
Capacity Up to 12 recipient blocks
Up to 60 donor blocks + continuous loading
Core diameter 0.6, 1, 1.5, 2 mm
Donor block image recording Yes
Use of Panorammic slide scans for sample designation Yes
Import from other slide or image formats SVS, NDP, TIFF
Barcode reading 1D and 2D
Data export XLS
Dimensions, cm (W x D x H) 80 x 50 x 46
Weight, kgs 35 kg
World's fastest microarrayer
  • max. 12 seconds per core
  • Simultaneous loading, imaging, drilling and punching
Smart Automation
  • Automatic block height measurement to ensure the embedded cores are in alignment with the recipient block surface
  • Automatic barcode reading
  • Automatic donor block and barcode image saving for reference
  • Automatic project data saving into Excel fle
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